Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tuesday's Movie of the Day: KINSEY

Tuesday night we had time to watch another one of our DVD rentals, so we saw Kinsey. Good stuff, and I'm sure everything intelligent I could say about the film has been said better somewhere else, so I'm going to channel my inner thirteen year old and stick to silly details:

1. I didn't recognize former terrible Robin Chris O'Donnell at first. I think it was the lack of being surrounded by a crappy movie that threw me off.

2. John Lithgow has resurrected his character from Footloose, but now he's tragic and has a moustache. He's also only seven years older than Liam Neeson. I had to look up the difference, but I knew it was pretty close. Doesn't really matter, but that sort of thing always tickles me.

3. It will always and forever amuse me to see Tim Curry play prudish characters, because even as a little kid watching him in Annie: The Movie, I felt like he exuded dangerous-but-appealing sexuality, kept barely under the surface if at all. I didn't really know what that meant when I was seven, but I felt it anyway. I just thought of it as "Teehee I have a little crush on him, and I don't know why since his character is openly sleazy." Now he's pushing 60 and I still have that thing for him, even though I'm pretty sure I'm not his type, chromosomally-speaking.

4. Liam Neeson is extra hot.

5. Whenever I see Laura Linney, I still think of her in the made-for-TV adaptation of Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City. Same thing for Thomas Gibson, aka Greg from Dharma & Greg.

It's amazing to think how much Kinsey's research and reports affected America's ideas and attitudes about sex, and yet I look around and I don't think we were affected nearly enough. I suppose progress takes time, and it seems like a two steps forward, one step back sort of process.

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