Thursday, August 04, 2005

LOST and other TV fun

We had to skip watching a movie last night due to an unforeseen family pow-wow at the assisted living center where my great-grandparents live (long, depressing story with moments of black comedy). When we finally got home we only had time to watch Lost before we had to go to sleep. We missed Lost when it started last season but ABC started replaying the season this summer so we're getting caught up. They're starting to skip some of the less arc-heavy episodes so we had a magic TV gnome provide us with the rest of the season. We should be able to watch the whole thing before the new season starts, and we couldn't wait for the DVD set to come out a month from now. I'm sure we'll pick it up at some point anyway, but I like my instant TV gratification. TiVo has spoiled me, and I don't care.

Hooray, we like having new TV shows to watch. We got hooked on Veronica Mars this season too so we have plenty to look forward to this fall. Hopefully Smallville will not have another season of Sucksville now that they're not stuck with that high school dynamic and they can just go to college, which involves a lot of skipping class in favor of catching matinees if I recall my university days correctly.

All this and we're still trying to watch bunches of movies. More on that in a bit. Or above, if you're not reading this as soon as I post.

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