Monday, August 01, 2005

Is that a bag of bacon?

The link above goes to a news story entitled "Low-Carb Pioneer Atkins Files Chapter 11", to which I say: ha ha, suckers. Sounds like most of the folks who thought that Atkins crap was a good idea have migrated back into the world of recreational bacon-ingesting and have stopped pretending it's a health plan. Too bad, I figured it would solve the Social Security crisis when half the country did a quick die-off from heart attacks.

I'm kidding of curse. I'm glad people are giving up Atkins because it's incredibly unhealthy and being alive and healthy is a very good thing. Stupid-ass diet fads.

Oh, the headline on this post is a quote from Richard Linklater's remake of The Bad News Bears, where this time the heavy kid who plays catcher is on Atkins, with predictably non-existent results. See the post above for more on the movie.

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