Friday, April 16, 2004

Sometimes even the British tabloids have a slow news day

So Quentin Tarantino put on a long coat and walked outside to buy a paper, probably while wearing shorts underneath. The Sun thought this was newsworthy. I checked the mail the other night in my robe. Ooh, scandalous! Why wasn't I in the paper? Could be the whole "not being famous" thing.

All I can say is he was a lot more tan last time I saw him in shorts. Also, his hair had been bleached orange by the deadly combination of California sun and pool chlorine. That didn't make the paper, but this did. Slow news day, righty-o, pip pip!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Kill Bill, Volume 2

We saw a sneak preview of Kill Bill, Volume 2 last night. It was bitchin' groovy. It's a totally different film from Volume 1, which is a really cool thing to see. Same story, two different movies. "Bill" is David Carradine's best role in a couple of decades, but the same can be said for several people who show up in the flick. I can't say much without getting into spoilers, but I loved it. It's the most violent chick flick ever! No really, how many action movies can you name that have pivotal scenes involving two women and a home pregnancy test? Or one where major conflict is given closure by people talking out their problems? See, it's girly. I hope to see it again this weekend.