Monday, March 02, 2009

This week is MS Awareness Week

This week, March 2-8, 2009, has been declared Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week. I feel that I am somewhat more aware of MS than the average person; I get to be extra aware of it every night when I take my Copaxone injection. Fortunately, I don't really have many symptoms at the moment -- a slight tingle in my left hand and arm is all.

I always thought it was cool when people did charity events like the annual BP MS 150 bike ride from Houston to Austin. Now I have an extra appreciation for this kind of charity activity. Just so you know: MS is still out there, but treatments do exist now. There's no cure yet, but the outlook for a newly diagnosed person is much better than it was even 15 years ago. New treatments are being found as well, and there's a glimmer of hope that a cure might be found in my lifetime.