Monday, August 01, 2005

A movie a day

We're on a quest to watch at least one movie per day. We're really shooting for five movies per week since it isn't always feasible to watch one every day, but we're averaging out pretty good so far with a really eclectic range of movies. I'm going to try to blog about what I watch. I don't have our movie log handy at the moment, but I may post the list-so-far later on. Hubby calls the log our "dream journal" because he finds that term hilarious, so that's your glossary if I write it later and you're confused.

Last night we started with Starsky & Hutch, which was funnier than I thought it would be. I'll watch anything with Vince Vaughn in it, and I've been pretty happy with the "Frat Pack" movies of the last five years or so. It's good to see Juliette Lewis working, even in small parts. She had a funny bit at the beginning of Old School too. More on some of the Frat Pack movies later; we've watched several recently and probably have a few more in our near future because Vince Vaughn = super hot. Yeah, I'm 13.

I mentioned the remake of The Bad News Bears in the post below. It's a fun movie. We saw it last week when we were in Austin and I just saw the original last night after Starsky & Hutch and the remake is very faithful, maybe better in some ways. Hubby says it benefits quite a bit from modern pacing, which is true but I can't really fault a 1976 movie for feeling like it was made when it was. It made me sort of sad that Tatum O'Neal's career didn't really go anywhere when she grew up. I think I'm going to have to rent Paper Moon too.

I think the major improvement is in the Coach Buttermaker character. He's fleshed out a little more in the remake, which I like. Billy Bob Thornton is a little less of an Old Man than Walter Matthau (who was born approximately 68 years old) and his character is a little more involving here. The original functions just fine without it, but sometimes there's room for improvement. It's also good to see kids in a modern movie who aren't just cute little Dakota Fanning-style moppets, kids who talk like the kids did when I was growing up (i.e. lots of name-calling and naughty words). Somewhere along the line the movies lost that, and they seem less realistic for it. We never talked that way around (most) adults, but when it was kids-only everybody was trying out to be a junior Eddie Murphy. You know, back when he was funny and raunchy and not the star of god-awful "family" movies.


  1. Yeah, post the dream journal when you can :) I like the frat pack movies, too, though I'm a bit leery of wedding crashers. I want a friend to see if it sucks, first.

  2. Wedding Crashers was funny. We both liked it a lot. It's not a perfect movie, but I'd see it again.