Friday, June 11, 2004

Somewhat better

I got the Links section fixed. For awhile it was repeating all the links 10 times in a row. Clearly, my grasp of HTML is dodgy at best. So of course my next step will be playing with the color. I'm probably going to ruin it, but it's by blog and I can ruin it if I want.

One things that sucks about changing templates is you lose all your comments. Bleh.

Thursday, June 10, 2004


Ok, I accidentally changed the template and it lost my links. Now I get to search through the code and try to figure out how the hell to put them back in. Super fun!

Hey, it's my monthly post -or- I am a bad blogger

There's been a fair amount of personal and work-related chaos recently, so I haven't had as much time to post. Just as an example, it has taken me about 25 minutes to type this much in. We've suddenly been swamped with calls. It's the end of the day on the east coast, so they're all calling in their orders. We've been slower most of the day, so I guess everyone decided to call at once.

I've been meaning to change the template here. They introduced a bunch of new, prettier ones not long ago but I can't figure out how to change without losing stuff like my links and everything. I definitely don't have time to jack with a lot of HTML formatting and stuff right now. Meredith's blog is all pretty in pink and mine's not orange and blue anymore but I'm still not thrilled with it. Is there a tiki bar design? Would it be hard to make one? I don't know how to add pictures. I haven't tried real hard to learn, but I'd like to have some graphics. My blog is boring, boring, boring as it is right now.

The Weight Watchers thing is still going well. I've lost 19 pounds and my size 20 pants are getting awfully baggy. I have some 18s that are still a bit too tight to wear, but I can get them on. Yay! I wonder what it will be like to shop in the non-plus-size section. I haven't been there in about 10 years. You know, men's clothes are all in one big section. They don't create a special fat guy leper area that's separate from the other sizes, where suddenly cute clothes are replaced by grandma clothes with polka dots and large floral prints and muumuus and such. The men's section just has a bunch of pants and shirts, some of which are really big. I understand the need for a maternity section, but come on.

If I find out who invented the plus-size section, I'm going to cut them into tiny pieces with a samurai sword. I'm just saying.