Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fun with Google's Satellite Maps

This is a map of the neighborhood where I grew up. The flag is supposed to point at the actual house, but it's actually pointing at the house next door. Ours was the greyish, square roof just to the left of the flag. A lot of the addresses in San Angelo weren't correct (they were WAY off on my grandmother's old house and it couldn't even locate the address of our second house, which I found manually), but you can zoom in closer than you can on locations in some of the larger cities.

It's wild how much I can see in these satellite photos. I went to a Catholic school for kindergarten and 1st grade, and I can see that the huge field behind the playground there isn't a field anymore. There's a big building there now, and from their website, it looks like it's now a youth center. I'm pretty sure I was able to identify the Weinerschnitzel that was near our house. It was easy to find McGill Elementary, the best school I ever attended, and to identify the restaurants across the street -- Pizza Hut and a Mexican place called Henry's Diner -- that used to taunt us with their delicious smells during outdoor P.E. classes. There was also a Dunkin' Donuts, but I think it's gone now. Yes, I was always obsessed with food.

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