Monday, March 27, 2006

Brisco County on DVD July 18th!

Crossposted from my MySpace blog:

Finally, finally, finally, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. is being released on DVD July 18th. If you never saw the show, you're a heathen. Bruce Campbell stars as Brisco County, lawyer-turned-bounty hunter in the waning days of the Old West. It's a sci-fi western comedy drama featuring a colorful cast of supporting characters. Really colorful. Seriously, one time Timothy Leary had a small part. DVD details are available here. The set's suggested retail price is $99.98, which sounds a little steep, but it's an eight-disc set containing the two-hour pilot and all 26 regular hour-long episodes.

I have the whole series on VHS due to my laboriously taping it off TNT when it used to run at about 5 AM Saturday several years ago, but it will be nice to have the whole run commercial-free, crisp and clear, and with all the extra features.

If you see the show for the first time on DVD, you may find the theme music familiar. That's because NBC appropriated it for their Olympic telecasts several years ago, so if you watched the Olympics you heard it thousands of times as they came back from commercial breaks.