Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The greatest alarm clock of all time

ThinkGeek now offers a lovely alarm clock programmed with around 130 wake-up statements voiced by Stephen Fry as Jeeves. No, seriously.

I love that, but I'm a little concerned that I wouldn't wake up. I've had the same alarm clock since high school, and I'm accustomed to waking to either that monstrous thing or my cell phone alarm. My alarm clock makes the exact sound that is every foley artist's favorite standby MEEP-MEEP-MEEP-MEEP alarm sound. I hear it all the time in TV shows and commercials, and I just about hit the roof every time. I do not like being awakened by horrible noises. I like to slowly drift into consciousness over a long time, sometimes as long as two hours, then get out of bed when I feel like it. Being jolted awake is just wrong.

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