Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend TV, and a movie

Ah, the waning hours of the Bush administration. I always wonder how we'll explain this particular era to our hypothetical offpring. I suppose we'll just give the kid a highlight reel from The Daily Show and the series run of Battlestar Galactica. Those should sum it up nicely.

Speaking of BSG, Friday's episode "Sometimes A Great Notion" was just breathtaking. (No spoilers here.) It's one of the most relentlessly bleak hours of TV I've ever seen, but it was so good that it couldn't quite be depressing. It never felt maudlin or manipulative, just raw. Man, this show is a tough sell for Friday nights though. When you're tired at the end of the week and just want to relax and blow off steam -- how about a heaping dose of this?

Jeremy picked up a few seasons of The Dukes of Hazzard for cheap. He's been sick and needed some TV comfort food. I've only watched a little bit of it with him, and in some ways it's a little better than I remembered. The show has a decent sense of humor about what it is, and is pretty funny. The worst effect is that it makes my accent come back with a vengeance. When I was a kid, it was a perfect Friday night show. My whole family watched, and it was just fun, light entertainment for when your brain is tired.

What I've discovered about DoH is that I didn't understand much about the show as a kid. I was a toddler when it started, so a lot of it just passed me by. There's more slightly racy humor than I expected, because it was usually just subtle innuendo that as a kid I didn't understand at all. I also never knew that the reason them Duke boys was in trouble with the law is because the family business had been making moonshine. I honestly thought they were in trouble because they had a habit of speeding and reckless driving. I didn't know that Roscoe had been a straight-arrow lawman for the first 20 years of his career until his pension was defeated in a bond election. They may never have mentioned that again after the pilot; I don't know. Regardless, Toddler Annie didn't know much about pensions or bond elections.

Saturday night we went to see My Bloody Valentine 3-D. If you like the idea of a 3-D slasher movie, you are likely to enjoy it. It's a lot of fun. If you want great dialogue and realistic characterization, this film may not suit your needs. If you like a handsome leading man in 3-D, you're in luck. If you're hoping he will be shirtless at some point, prepare for mild disappointment. (I swear, I resisted developing a crush while wathing Supernatural as long as I could, and then I just couldn't do it anymore. Hello, TV boyfriend. I'm a little embarrassed about it, especially since many of his other fans are crazy.)

We're now in the 8th season of 90210. Watching the entire 1990s go by in a compressed amount of time has been kind of a trip. I never would have had the patience to watch it from week to week; it's just not that involving at this point in the show. But watching 10 episodes per week while also doing sudoku, it just flies by.

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