Thursday, November 03, 2005

This week's comics

Yesterday was the first Wednesday of November, so it's as good a time as any to start logging all the comics I'm reading. Yesterday I got (in no particular order):

1. JSA #79
2. Ultimate Spider-man #85
3. Outsiders #30
4. Powers #14
5. Vigilante #2 of 6
6. Jonah Hex #1
7. House of M #8 of 8
8. Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #1 of 4
9. The Punisher #27
10. Supreme Power: Nighthawk #3 of 6
11. Desolation Jones #4
12. Marvel Team-Up #14
13. Superman #223
14. Firestorm #18
15. Detective Comics #813
16. Justice League Unlimited #15
17. Batman: Gotham County Line #2 of 3

I also got the latest volume of collected Twisted Toyfare Theaters. I don't normally read Firestorm but it's an Infinite Crisis tie-in this month. I'm numbering the rest of the titles because at the end of the month I want to add them up and see how many books I'm getting every month. So this week it's 11 for DC (which includes WildStorm) and 6 for Marvel.

I'm glad House of M (or as we were calling it last night, House of 'Meh')is wrapping up, because it's derailing some of the few remaining Marvel titles I read and generally leaving me cold. Oh, and when Scarlet Witch said "No more mutants", she left 198 mutants in the world. I guess it's true: women suck at math. At least this crap hasn't leaked into the Ultimate books.

I'm also reading back issues when I can. Last week I finished John Ostrander's Suicide Squad series from the late '80s/early '90s, and now I'm trying to start Mike Grell's volume of Green Arrow, which started in the late '80s and ran into the late '90s. So I imagine I'll be seeing all the same ads again that were in Suicide Squad...

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