Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hey, we didn't die

In case anyone thought my ominous last post sat there for over a month because we died, we didn't. Hurricane Rita decided to turn at the last minute and demolish some smaller towns to our east, pulling the biggest prank ever on the 2.5 million Houstonians who evacuated because the news led them to believe that we were all gonna die. We stayed at home and watched the wind and rain blow, but it was a real non-event here. We never lost our DirecTV reception, much less power or water service. We also watched the DVDs of the entire first season of Arrested Development, which is every bit as good as I'd always heard and then some.

Before the storm hit we decided our gauge for the storm's strength would be the half-empty 20 oz bottle of A&W Root Beer that someone had thrown on top of the covered parking area our balcony overlooks. When it blew off, that would indicate windyness. Guess what? The bottle was still there when the whole storm was over. It didn't even roll over the corrogated tin roof. It was finally washed away by a thunderstorm a couple of weeks ago, proving that a normal Houston thunderstorm is more intense than the edges of a major hurricane.

Anyway, I haven't posted because I've just been extremely busy with work stuff. We also got bogged down with a lot of exhaustion and generally feeling under the weather and so we've slacked way off on watching a movie every night. New Fall TV started though, which has given us plenty to do. We're still keeping up the Dream Journal for movies and stuff, but we haven't written it down every time we watched My Name Is Earl. Which is awesome. You need to be watching it.

I'll log the Dream Journal stuff here to get caught up. I'll also talk about the TV shows I like, because I'm self-indulgent and obsessed with pop culture. Gee, maybe I should start listing all the comics I read every week too. I loves me some lists of stuff.

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