Thursday, September 01, 2005

So very busy

I haven't had much posting time recently. Work has been busy and Monday and Tuesday I was offsite at a training class all day. Now I know the basics of using Dreamweaver. Yay!

We're still watching 5-6 movies a week, so my at-home posting time is short as well. Tonight we have passes to a special advance screening of Serenity, so I'm extra super pumped about that. It's weird; I haven't seen any references to the screening on any Browncoat sites, so I don't think it's a normal public screening. We got passes that specifically say "Retailer" on them, so I think this audience may be targeted specifically for maximum word-of-mouth promotion at geek hotspots.

I bet this movie will be much better than last night's home video selection, Gleaming the Cube. More on that as time permits.


  1. You get to see Serenity??? AARRRGHGHGHGH!!! So jealous!!! Let me know all about it... without giving anything away, of course :)

  2. Watch the Ninth Configuration, you slackers.

    See Stacy Keach in a fucked up movie!