Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Rita!


Um, in case you haven't heard, Houston has a hurricane headed right for it. By last night you couldn't buy bottled water, batteries or plywood anywhere, and some filling stations are actually out of gas. We now have emergency rations of Cheetos, pretzels, Pop Tarts, Powerade and Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng. I love the stuff, and it now comes in gallon-size bottles. I'm all stocked up.

I think they're going to let us off work Friday, which is probably for the best. Most schools will be closed and the roads will be flooded, so it's safest for folks to stay home. Also, my company relies heavily on shipping with UPS, which already has stopped bringing most packages into the area, or at least the southeastern quadrant. If we can't ship things, we might as well not be here.

We don't have a lot of hatches to batten down at the apartment, but I hope the sliding glass door stays in one piece. Otherwise yikes.

People are seriously freaking out here. We haven't had a major hurricane in town in a long time, so I think it's a combination of post-Katrina panic and bored people wanting a bunch of excitement. It's like a snow day here. The past couple of years have really fostered an "ohgodohgod we're all gonna die!" mentality in general, so people have all this pent-up fear and are looking for a way to blow off some steam. If the worst they do is buy up a crapload of bottled water and batteries, we'll be okay.


  1. Good luck, and God (or, you know, deity of your choice) bless!!
    And seriously, my mom called me twice again today to have me tell you you're totally invited up there. (I think my uncle was actually a little disappointed that you weren't coming up, but you know, 27 hour drive and all...)
    Hey, are you going to put big tape Xs on your door? That will be sweet!

  2. I think Poseidon, Lord of the Sea, may be the operative deity right now. ;)

    Tell your mom we totally appreciate the offer. Getting out of town was darn near impossible after Tuesday, but it's nice to know we have options if we need to bil. Doesn't look like it'll come to that now, thank Poseidon, who clearly hates Beaumont.