Wednesday, September 14, 2005

50 Greatest Movie Fights

Here is a hilarious article counting down the 50 Greatest Movie Fights of All Time.

An excerpt from #14: Bruce Lee vs. EVERYONE ELSE WHO HAS EVER LIVED IN OR THOUGHT ABOUT CHINA, Enter the Dragon

"If anybody tells you that someone can beat Bruce Lee in a fight, tell them they are wrong. They are. Van Damme can't beat Bruce Lee. Neither could Jet Li, Tony Jaa, or Hulk Hogan. "But Superman could beat Bruce Lee!" No, he couldn't. Superman would fly at Bruce, Bruce would go WATAAAAAAAAAAAA, and Superman would fall down. The only two people who can beat Bruce Lee in a fight are Batman and Captain America, and that is indisputable realism and comic fact."

Any already awesome fight countdown that includes Scout Finch dressed as a giant ham is a must-read.

--link found on X-Entertainment

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