Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Why do people live in Florida?

Is it the chance to be wiped off the planet several times a year by hurricanes? House-smashing, car-crushing, person-drowning hurricanes? Or is it the thrill of possible having a snake of record-breaking size take residence underneath your house? Or maybe the chance of being chomped by an alligator? Or maybe some people just don't like their votes counted. I think the government should permanently close Florida, or at least the peninsula part, and turn it into a great big wildlife preserve. We waste enough money in this country without haing to replace every house and car in Florida every year, sometimes more than once. Arguments might be made for keeping California, but Florida is nothing but a liability.


  1. Eh, I don't know. California has earthquakes, killer winds that cause big fires, mudslides, drought.... you name it. I'd close both of 'em, even though Florida is "America's Schlong."

  2. dude, i went into this site in hope of getting answers..not GIVING U! neways i suppose its coz..its beautiful..the beaches n all..