Thursday, September 02, 2004

Mmm, tortilla soup

I've been away from blogging again. I'm the worst blogger ever. I'm keeping busy though. Work's still really frantic all the time and when I get home I sually don't feel like plunking down in front of the computer. Instead I hang out with my hubby and read comics, watch movies, or cook. This whole diet thing has been interesting (down 34 pounds now: 242/208/137) because it's made me search out recipes that are healthy but still yummy. I've learned how to alter them a little to make them healthier than they started out, and it's always fun to experiment.

I'm tweaking a chicken tortilla soup recipe right now. The original one was tasty, but it made more of a stew than a soup. Not enough broth to soak into your tortilla chips. I'm going to double the amount of broth and spices, then fiddle with the spices some more. I'm also cooking the chicken by baking it slowly in the oven in a casserole dish, covered with habanero salsa. The salsa is too hot to eat by itself (yummy when diluted with mild salsa though), but if you cook the chicken in it then throw out the actual salsa you get chicken with a nice heat to it without overpowering yourself. I use fat-free chicken broth and pour the soup over Baked Tostitos so I can eat 'til I'm full without cheating on Weight Watchers. Once I perfect the recipe, I'll try to remember to post it here.

I made some Weight Watchers eclairs awhile back that were surprisingly good. They were tough to make the first time, but I bet it would be easier the second time around.

Great, now I'm hungry.

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  1. weeeee, you're back. Weeeee! Wee. We. W. When you figure out the soup recipe, I'd certainly like to have it. I love me some tortilla soup, and no one up here in the wilds of OH knows how to make it.