Wednesday, March 24, 2004

God Wants You to Name the Baby after Him

The headline is the title of one chapter of Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing, which is one of my favorites to read if I need a good laugh. Sure, I'm getting a laugh at some poor child's expense, but I'm mostly laughing at the goofy parents who go around naming their children Mikayla and Macques. I understand wanting to name your baby something unique, but I swear people are just making up random sounds and deciding those are names. Poor kid's gonna spend a lifetime saying, "My name is Sidney, spelled C-Y-D-N-E-I-G-H." Anyway, the website is a hoot. It's comprised of quotes taken from baby name message boards around the internet, followed by smartass commentary from the person who does the site. Hi-larious.

My husband says if we had a kid we should name it Euphrates Throckmorton III. Our name isn't Throckmorton, so that would be fun for the kindergarten teacher to figure out.

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