Sunday, July 09, 2006

Feels like we've moved to Seattle

It has rained approximately 935 days in a row here. Thunder, disrupted satellite reception, the whole bit. The good part of this is the temperature has stayed in the 80s for the most part. Normally July is boiling hot, but it's practically springlike this year. This is scary because Houston only understands "Spring" as an abstract concept, or a suburb just to the north of town. We usually have two seasons: hot, and that week when you need a jacket. So this is weird.

Other than one day where the east side of town got a huge amount of rain in a few hours, we haven't had a lot of flooding problems. I imagine the ground is getting pretty saturated though, so if we get a nasty hurricane or a tropical storm, or just the fallout from the edges of one, it could cause a lot of trouble. Everything's nice and green outside though, so as long as we don't have any cataclysms things are okay.

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