Friday, August 26, 2005

Color Me Brokke

This article amused me. It's not funny that Bryan Abrams, former lead singer of Color Me Badd, is a deadbeat dad; that's obviously terrible. It's funny because the article reveals that he is now employed at a tire store in Oklahoma City.

He apparently released a solo album in 2001, but I'm guessing it didn't rake in the kind of fat cash you need to not work in a tire store. His ex-wife said that he "long ago spent all the money he made during his Color Me Badd days: 'He has nothing to show for it, except the ASCAP publishing he co-owns with other members of the group.'" For the sake of his kid, somebody needs to make a commercial or something that uses "I Want to Sex You Up" to sell paper towels or something. They could change it to "I Want to Soak You Up" and then maybe his kid could get some damn child support.

1 comment:

  1. This shouldn't be as funny as I find it to be... When Color Me Badd was big, we called them Color Me Pink with Pretty Little Blue Bows. Looking back, I guess that's a homophobic remark. Regardless, I hated their music so! If my high school self would know that he would end up working at a tire store, I would feel so vindicated. (Dude should still pay his child support, though.)