Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bring me my ranch dressing hose!

Here's a an interesting story from Slate.com about the history of ranch dressing. The story includes the Homer Simpson quote from my headline, which is frequently bellowed at our house. My husband has wondered aloud on many occasions about the sudden popularity of ranch; it seemed to come out of nowhere in the early 1980s and dominate everything. The article gets bonus points for mentioning my very favorite ranch innovation, the Wasabi Ranch Dipping Sauce for Boneless Shanghai Wings at Chili's. Mmm, Wasabi Ranch!

Ranch isn't my favorite, but a friend who works in an Austin restaurant says sorority girls from University of Texas will drown absolutely any kind of food in it. Gross. Even I think that's nasty, and I'm a huge fan of dipping sauces. I've found lowfat ranch usually tastes ok, but I have never tasted a fat-free ranch that wasn't repulsive. This makes sense now that I've read the article and learned that one of the main ingredients in real ranch dressing is fat. Mmm, delicious fat!

What's your favorite salad dressing? I like Caesar, with or without anchovies.

Thanks to Pop Culture Junk Mail (which uses the same template as this site, but I HAD IT FIRST! Just me and surely tens of thousands of others!) for the link.

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  1. Ranch, all the way. Then ceasar, then any kind of vinagrette (at the bottom of the list, it gets all healthy all of the sudden!)